it gets better


i think the ‘it gets better’ campaign is a great thing for young people who are struggling in life because of their sexuality. it encourages them not to lose hope, even though they might feel like their lives aren’t worth living any longer.

guess what though? other people need to be told that, too. the girl down the street might not be bullied because of her sexuality. she might not be bullied at all. but she is sticking her fingers down her throat over the toilet, anyway. maybe the self-hatred stemmed from her treatment at home, or from an incident in her childhood. it doesn’t really matter. what she needs to know is that it does get better.

so many of us are in a hopeless vortex, unable to breathe. we cannot imagine making it through until tonight, let alone five years from now. and while in the back of our minds we know that we will make it, we fool ourselves into not listening. after all, we are dumb, stupid, worthless, etc. what do we know?

it makes all the difference to hear it from someone who has been here. someone who knows what they are talking about, what you are going through. they aren’t just saying those three words. they really mean them.image

i have been abused emotionlly, mentally, and phsyically. i have been isolated in the middle of nowhere with no means of escape. i have been taunted, daily, about my personality, my weight, how i lash out, how i spend my time. i have been told that no one loves me, no one will ever love me, that i have ruined holidays, that i am crazy, that i will never be anybody. i have been kept out of school, not educated past the second grade level.

here i am, years later, and do you know what i know?

it does – it really does – get better.

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