my fake high school transcript


when parents decide to home-school their children, they take on more than they usually realize they do.

one of these things they are supposed to take on is a high school transcript. people need those to get into college. you cannot not have one.

normally they are not a huge deal. if a child goes to high school, whether public or private, they will have a high school transcript. home-schooling parents have to make one, however.

should it be difficult? no. is itimage

difficult? usually not, if you home-schooled your child properly

due to my hopefully unique situation, i had to make my own, so i could begin my cna classes. several things quickly became clear to me;

1) i was going to have to bullshit my way through the process. i have no clue what calculus even entails – geometry is angles and triangles, right?

2) that i don’t neccesarily have to lie. i did read a lot of shakespeare when i was fifteen. we had chickens hatch – isnt that biology?

3) that a home-schoolers’ gpa is warped. home-schooled kids dont get f’s because they do the work until they get it right. you have to add b’s and c’s for decoration.

4) no one uses most of that crap in real life anyway. it is just a cna class. my professors wont know the difference.

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