1) red. it is so bright, cheery. i can be so depressed, look at the color red, and smile. some people see red as an evil color, the color of blood, of the devil. but it’s also the color of barns, strawberries, and little orphan annie

my grandpa once tried to buy a red toilet …grandma would not let him. i would have liked a red toilet.


3 Responses to “#FavoriteColor”

  1. A red toilet would be wicked! I love red also! My current toilet has a purple fuzzy cover on it which is cool because I really like purple but I don’t see the point in it.

    • That is an excellent idea! A green one would go excellent in my current bathroom. I may have to go shopping!

      • I think there are singing toilets too :p My friend’s washer/dryer sings a song when its done its cycle! I can’t help wondering who sat in an office and thought “our washer should play a song when it’s done!”….and then they got paid for that idea…..

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