my city


it is my goal to end up in new york city. 20120414-011228.jpg

i affectionately call the place ‘my city’. i love the energy, the culture, and even the weird smells. i would not mind having a ‘sounds of new york city’ cd – honking horns could lull me to sleep. i love that for such an expensive city, there is so much free entertainment. central park is beautiful, the met need only cost you $1, and there are so many shops you can wander through without paying a penny.

most people say, ‘in the future, i would like to be a doctor’ or something to that effect. i do not care so much what i am doing, but where i am doing it at.

every day, i do something to bring me a little closer to moving to my city. maybe it is simple as a few math problems, or evaluating the cost of trader joe’s in manhattan versus costco in brooklyn. sometimes it is as big of a step as applying for college, or starting a therapeutic blog. either way, i am going to get there by the time i am twenty-four.

that is slightly over four years. four years until my city and i are one.

it cannot go by fast enough

2 Responses to “my city”

  1. We feel the same way about the city. Glad you are living your dreams! And dont forget to live life indulgently.

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