one of the big things on my to-do list is apply for the cna program at a nearby college. as a cna, i will have a job that is very difficult, but i am weird and think i will love it (no, poop doesn’t gross me out).

well, people; i did it. i freaking did it. i walked into the college, and walked out twenty minutes later with a $976 bill, no books, and preparing for state testing fees. i begin classes june 4th in nursing 101, will advance in nursing 103, and be certified by the end of july. i need immunizations that will cost me dearly (no health insurance), scrubs, and the serenity prayer, because i have only sat in one classroom in my whole life (f’s algebra class. i understood nil).


as a cna, not only will i have a job i will enjoy more, i will also make more. double the hours, with a potential -$2.00 cut in wages (more on that when i get a job). nurses aides in manhattan make an average of $35,000/year. that is not a lot by any measure of the imagination, so i will definitely be looking for nanny work, home healthcare work, mcdonalds work, or be looking into double-shifts a couple nights a week. if i decide to advance as a lpn, i will be making $55,000/year hopefully – that is not rich in my city, but at least i will not have to wear a mickey d’s uniform.

i go to sleep with numbers in my head. $15,000 + $5,000 – $1,500 x 8… all these numbers mean something to me. my favorite?

4. 4 years until my self- appointed deadline. i get chills just thinking about it. this is not a pipe dream – it is actually going to happen.

3 Responses to “plunge”

  1. I’m looking at going to back to university in 2014! All the money is freaking me out! Well, lack of money…Good luck!

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