1) something happening to one of my siblings. i am very selfish about that. if one of us is going to get sick, hurt, or die, i want it to be me. i watch people talk about their deceased siblings, and just do not understand. how can you possibly move on from that point?

2) a house fire. when i was three, i saw a house burn. it was terrifying. ever since then, i have had nightmares.

3) going to prison. this one is interesting, because not only have i done nothing illegal, but it is not the prison i am scared of. i am worried of what the people i know would think of me once they found out i was behind bars


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4) mostly, i am afraid of being like my mother. i will gladly be a prison inmate, sole survivor of all my siblings because a house burned down, as long as i am nothing like her.


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