don’t you remember i’m your baby girl?


“i love you. i just don’t like you.”

those are words i heard growing up probably more than just ‘i love you’. i am willing to take the bet it is something of a 10.4 ratio. 20120420-031035.jpg

talk about a left-handed compliment.

i don’t remember when my mom first said it, but it became commonplace once i turned eleven or twelve. apparently my mom thought it was pretty clever. she told c this on occasion, but otherwise it was her favorite phrase to say to me.

no parent should ever say that to their child. sure, on occasion they might think it, but saying it does untold damage. every day, those words echo in my mind. it didn’t take long for me to begin to doubt those words – i have become convinced she doesn’t love me, truly love me, either.

well, you know mom?

i love you, i just don’t like you, too.


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