i know I might be on the death topic a lot lately, but this is so true! this is how i live my life

Passion School

I don’t want to have time to waste.

I don’t wanna be at the end of my life going “DAMN, I wish I’d done that, cuz I sure had time.”

You know what would be even worse than getting to be old and accomplishing nothing? Dying in the next few days, or in a week, or a month. Then you’d really lament your situation, if you had time to think about it.

It’s tragic when people die young, especially when they are exceptionally talented – it’s even worse when they die because of suicide, or drugs, or whatever. It’s such a waste.

I think about death often. Not because I’m morbid, but because I really want to live, man! I want to be an old pink-haired banshee on a motorcycle thinking: “Shit I had a good fucken life. I lived the hell out of every second!”

“I’ve had 72 absolutely…

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