the blue shoes


most days, i pick up clothes, sniff them, and shrug. smells clean, i think. most days i brush my hair and my teeth, but sometimes i get lazy. i own four pairs of sweatpants. i actually wear them. but that is okay where i live. i would stick out like a sore thumb wearing anything else. wearing pajama pants and uggs to the mall would make me fit shoes

differences and estrangement aside, my mother and i have similar style. she knows what types of things i like, and instead of showing her love the normal way, she shows her love by buying them for me. for christmas, she sent me shoes and a matching handbag. they are a bright royal blue. the shoes are flats, with a flower on the toe. i rather like them.

my aunt won’t let me wear them. she says i will stick out like a sore thumb, that she will be too embarrassed to be in public with me wearing them. i am allowed to wear them out if i go with someone other than her, but of course i never get the chance. blue pumps in new york

there are three things i am not allowed to do while i live with my aunt; 1) smoke, 2) do drugs, 3) wear my blue shoes.

i am going to wear them this summer, anyway. and someday, i can wear them in my city, confindently.

because there, no one will look twice.

10 Responses to “the blue shoes”

  1. 1 bonjourgrace

    Nothing wrong with a pair of blue shoes! They beat Uggs any day, for sure! Work it girrrl! x

    • Thanks! any recommendations of what to wear them with (the first photo)?

      • 3 bonjourgrace

        They’re pretty wearable, I think. I would wear them with black/dark blue jeans, or with a blue or a black dress either with or without tights. They’d go with so many lovely summery things, your options are endless! X

      • Thanks! I was worried about overdoing the blue. I will try out what you said!

  2. Wow it’s such a shame that you can’t wear them out, would people react negatively if you looked more dressy than the norm? It’s lucky that they’re flat then because that makes them a little casual, you could wear them with a Black or Grey casual outfit. If you want to go for it and be dressy though, you could wear a Blue skirt and White shirt, maybe even with Blue beads! 😀 Either way I hope you get to wear them and feel confident in them, it’d be a shame for them to be locked away until someone says you can wear them especially since you like them so much.

    • I don’t think negatively, but it is such a small town, and people grow up to work on farms or in factories, not for Vogue :p Still, I think you have given me the courage to try wearying them tomorrow!

  3. I love brightly coloured shoes! I have pink ones 🙂

  1. 1 what i wore today; blue shoes « movingtonewyork

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