the glad game


the other day, i was on the phone with f, and hollered to her mom “i miss you!” her mom replied, “i miss your positive attitude.”

huh. i guess i do have a positive attitude. even when i bitch about my mom, it is in a somewhat positive way. when i get angry over something that someone did to me in the past, one of my first thoughts is “someday, you will be working for me”.

i think i have always had an inclination to play the glad game. in pollyanna, her father taught her to look on the bright side of things. when she got a pair of crutches from charity rather than a doll, her father told her to be glad she didn’t need the crutches.

it was hard for me to do when living at home, and i find that i did not do it much. but the longer i am away from there, the easier it has been for me to play it. obviously it is not as effective that way, but at least i am positive now.

just remember, every time something bad happens, it happens for a reason. all the odds are in your favor. you will grow from this, learn from it. it will happen.

4 Responses to “the glad game”

  1. 1 bonjourgrace

    I like this post! Very positive. I think positive people are the best kind of people; the ‘good vibes’, if you like, that they ooze just seem to pass on to other people, so I’m a very firm believer in playing ‘the glad game’ (even though, admittedly, sometimes I can be very veeeeeeeery cynical).

    • I think we all can be, and honestly, chronicly happy people can be very annoying. There is a fine line between glad and too glad.

  2. 3 Kelly

    Pollyanna is one of my favourite films! Ah! This post is lovely.

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