bride of new york


nuns are considered brides of christ. they are considered by the church to be married to god. a nun is a person, but it is also an occupation. other people are married to their jobs; doctors, lawyers.20120424-173628.jpg

it occurred to me the other day that i am a bride of new york. i love my city with everything in me, though things about it irritates me to no end. i am fiercely loyal to it. i can complain about it all i want, but god forbid you do. i am happiest when i am there, when my city and i are one. if that is not marriage, i am not sure what is.

bride of new york.

someday, a man will come into my life, who i will marry and love with everything in me, that i have to offer. that will not resolve my other marriage. my love for my city will never dissolve, be rendered annulled. my husband will just have to understand that there is a spirit in the city that creates a love affair.

with any luck, he will feel the same as i.


4 Responses to “bride of new york”

  1. I feel the same way about my city! I’m so happy that I work for my city 🙂

    • Toronto I hear is wonderful. I know a family who spent summer of 2005 there, and loved it. Mind they’ve been to London, Stockholm, etc, so the fact they loved Toronto so much says something about it.

      • It is wonderful! I hate our mayor but I make do 😛 I want to go to London SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Me too! I’m almost afraid to go because I might fall in love with it the same way I did nyc!

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