proof we saw “spider-man”


flat iron new york

the first time i saw the flat iron in person, i was walking down the street to the strand, with my good friend, e. upon seeing the building, i did not stand and gape. i did not pull out my camera and begin snapping pictures, like many tourists around us did.

i instead pointed and whispered conspiratively, “that is where j.k. simmons works.”

e nodded. she knew.

we all know.

j.k. Simmons spiderman

2 Responses to “proof we saw “spider-man””

  1. When I visited New York last June I totally acted like a tourist 😛 i was ecstatic when I was Bubba Gump Shrimp and snapped a picture for my sister!

    • Haha, that is awesome! I met the naked cowboy 🙂 I had other opportunities to meet celebrities, but just thought that I’d be more respectful giving them a moment of peace, you know?

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