to-do list; may


1) get permit; get 20 hours of driving time
2) get immunizations
3) finish math book

having my license will enable me to have a job as a cna. i balked at getting it for some time – car insurance prices, and gas prices, hardly seemed conducive to moving to new york. it is not as if i will need to drive in my city, anyhow. still, knowing how to drive is a life skill, and even if i cannot set any more than i am aside, i will have more stable hours, health insurance, and will most importantly be getting experience, which will give me an edge when i am looking for a job in my city.

i need the immunizations to be a cna. i think i will have get tetanus. i will also have to get tested for tuberculousis. my appointment is on may 9th. the only part i am worried about is the drain it will have on my bank account, as i have no health insurance.einstein math quote

my mom stopped teaching me when i was about seven. oh, she occasionally bought worksbooks, but what seven-year-old is going to sit down on her own and study while her mother watched oprah? i managed as i got older, but to this day even basic division is a mystery, i have a fourth grade math book i am working through. i need to get more diciplined and finish it this month.

these three steps bring me closer to my city. this just isn’t a tedious ‘to-do’ list; everything on this list helps me grow as a person, and/or makes my goal of moving to new york that much more possible.

april goals;
1) apply for cna program
2) fax medical records
3) get driver’s permit

with m’s death the week i was planning on taking the written test; i decided i was far too shaky to take the test that week, and that it was in my best interest to wait. rolled over to may.

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