the bucket list


what is on your bucket list?

i have never understood the importance of a bucket list.

a bucket list is a list of things to do before you die, before you ‘kick the bucket’. maybe it is because i am young and see the world laid about before me, but i just don’t feel the need to do these things other people do. i look at other posted bucket lists, and do not get them.

meet hugh jackman. visit italy. visit switzerland. fly first-class.

these things just don’t interest me. yes, i would like to visit other countries, and of course i would fly first-class if i had to chance. i have turned down chances to meet celebrities, simply because i think i show more respect to give them their space.

but writing these things down as things i must do? i feel like i would be setting myself up for failure, and what for? unless these things are deep, burning desires in your heart, why does it matter to write them down? and how can one have a deep burning desire for so many things?

i am not undermining anyone’s hopes and dreams. we are all different, and that is what i treasure, but the point i think i miss.

i am one to go against the grain, to be labeled quickly as the artsy almost-bohemian nerd. but then why does my bucket list look so ordinary, so vanilla? i think the key is simplicity. i don’t believe in drama, or spectacular views. i believe in what is raw, real, and often dirty. i would rather spend an afternoon picking the brain of a homeless man than riding in a hot air balloon.

live in my city. get married. have children. enjoy each day.

that’s all i want? is that weird? it must be. everyone seems to have such high hopes, reaching far beond the sky, and here i am sitting on less than a handful of dreams.

simple lady, i am.

paul newman at home


3 Responses to “the bucket list”

  1. 1 bonjourgrace

    I think the things on your bucket list are nice, though! We don’t really need that much in life and, you’re right, I think lots of people set their hopes way too high and inevitably it leads to disappointment. I think the things on my bucket list would be something like: move to London, have a fruitful career, fall in love, get married and become really well travelled and cultured. 🙂

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