a box of smile


yoko ono box of smile

sometimes artists try too hard. you know, those artists who fingerpaint abstracts, while everyone pretends to look with awe? most people look at those types of things as a conspiracy, as people who all pretend to see deeper than we do.

i love yoko ono’s work, but my favorite piece, hands down, is the 1971 a box of smile. i first came upon it at the new york library, and fell in love.

it is a very simple concept. it is a plastic box, small and black, fitting into the palm of your hand. upon opening it, you find a mirror. the mirror reflects your smile.

you are the smile in the box.

since i am, as my neighbor scoffs, “artsy-fartsy”, i have been looking for a small box and mirror for ages now. i just found out a joanne fabrics is opening in my area soon; fingers crossed i find a small box.

because who doesn’t need a smile in a box?

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