the other me


i have seen another sky
i have climbed another tree
i have wished another star,
above another starlit sea

and i have seen another sunrise,
and another lightning storm
i’m not just the me you see
you see, another me was born

another me lives another life,
i’ve always dreamed
another me exists somewhere
why can’t i live that life there?
please let me be … the other me
– lyrics by jim sturgess

when i was young, while i walked through the woods, i would dream of the other me. she lived in a big house, deep in our woods. the house was three stories, white, with a huge balcony. the grass around it was cool, soft, and green, unlike the brown straw-like grass that naturally grows in north florida. the other me had her own room, and a closet full of the prettiest dresses.

i wanted to be her so badly. i would have given up anything – everything – to be her, just for a moment. i wanted to be an only child, and have loving parents who showered me with affection (of course, who doesn’t?). i wanted to have the freedom to go outside and play, without being ragged on about doing dishes, or watching the kids.

i consider her the imaginary friend i never met.

sometimes, i still wonder about her. i wonder what she is doing now. does she go to harvard, nyu? does she have a boyfriend – for all i know she could be married.

i have always compared myself to her. in my mind, i am her alter-ego. i am her, in a parallel universe. in a world of wibbly, wobbly, timey, wimey stuff, in a time that exists of angles and planes, there she is.

and still i wonder; why can’t i be her?



7 Responses to “the other me”

  1. 1 Kelly

    This is so nice. I’ve definitley had similar thoughts. Y’know, the way you wrote that, reminds me of Coraline a little. Such a great movie.

  2. Another great post!

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