twenty-year-old virgin


i am nearly twenty, and have never been in a relationship.

these days, that is a statement that surprises a lot of people. after all, most ten-year-olds claim that they are dating someone.

turns out, i am not the only one. turns out, there are other people my age who have always been single, too – and they weren’t kept in isolation.


i feel like this is one of those proofs of god having a plan. the last thing i need right now is a boyfriend (scratch that, the last thing i need is this anxiety attack i am getting over something completely unrelated). i need to focus on school, on my own emotional health, on establishing decent habits. i don’t need to be worrying about another person’s needs at the moment; i need to focus on my own.

sure, it would be nice to have someone to go to the movies with, to go out to dinner with. most girls my age would love to be in a relationship with a great person. but i am not going to be seeking him out. if he falls in my lap, fine, it must be meant to be. but if not, i can wait.

i have waited longer for more important things, before.


11 Responses to “twenty-year-old virgin”

  1. Love the pic 🙂 wish I could go back to being 16 and have the will power to stop myself. Oh well

  2. what a gift and what a smart lady you are!

  3. I promise you two things. 1) is never to be ashamed/upset about still having your virginity, take your time getting to know someone. Dignity is a virtue And 2) He will come along when you least expect it and when you are not looking. Those two things I can assure you of. There ought to be many more that are like you! 🙂

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