college girls can’t cook


i never had anyone to teach me how to cook. sure, i can bake just about anything, and make a mean macoroni and cheese. at nineteen, i can cook most pastas, and things with ground beef, but everything else was just out of my reach.

then i discovered the blog, college girls can’t cook. the authors of the blog realize that most college girls don’t know how to cook, and so spend a lot of money on processed pre-cooked food. girls who can’t cook aren’t healthy, and gain weight.

needing groceries and inspired by their blog, i set out friday night. i bought the things needed for spanish rice, fried rice, and soup-over-rice. i figured i had better get used to eating rice; at the price, i am going to have to eat it almost every day when i first move to my city.


what are some other simple recipies i could try out? rice not required.

9 Responses to “college girls can’t cook”

  1. Perogies with bacon, cheese, onions and sour cream! LOVE!!! Chicken parmigiana is actually pretty easy.

  2. 3 L

    Soups are super easy and super healthy. You can load them full of vegetables (I would either skip the stock and use water or go for a salt-free stock instead). I like to puree my soups with a blender and then you can freeze them in zip-lock bags. Great for lunch, supper, or a side. My favourite is my spicy tomato basil soup I invented 🙂

    • Soup is something I enjoy making, because you can’t screw up! But in summer, it isn’t too great unless cold.

  3. 5 Lia C.

    With a recipe, you can make ANYTHING. I was much like you. There were a couple of things I knew how to cook, but I never got too adventurous. I started buying cookbooks, and looking up recipes online, starting with things that only had four or five ingredients. Cooking is trial and error. I made a killer dish last night, if you saw from my blog, Thursday’s dinner failed miserably. This is what I’m making tonight …

    So simple. I’m actually getting ready to throw it in the crockpot. And I’m hoping it turns out well.

    • Thanks! I’m doing the same 4/5 ingredient thing. What recipes did you make like that that turned out?

  4. suddenly i have a need for food, wonder why that would be?? lol 😉

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