when will my life begin?


there were days, self-locked up in my room for days on end, i used to have these same thoughts. when will my life begin? when will i be a real person?

11 Responses to “when will my life begin?”

  1. 1 Sarah

    I loved this movie!! but the first time I watched it in the theatre, I cried my eyes out. lol. It hit so close to home somehow, and maybe I was on my period or something, but it’s one of my favorite movies!

    • I cry every time. We had similar childhoods, I think!

      • 3 Sarah

        yeah, i think so!! I cried at the part where she was so conflicted after leaving the tower ‘Yay I’m freeee!” and then “I’m a despicable human being!” I wrestled with those same thoughts after I left home! I had grown up being taught women aren’t allowed to leave home unless they get married. Wow, you’ve just inspired me to blog about this!!!!

      • You’re welcome! It was a very touching post!

  2. Such a cute movie! Life begins when you want it to be! 🙂

  3. it has! 😉

  4. good and i’m sure of it too!

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