financial stuff


i have always been the thrifty one. i used to hoard money like cockatoos hoard shiny stuff. i do not remember often spending it, interestingly enough.

over the years, i have become better at spending it. i actually had to hone this skill. i think i got better at it during my first trip to my city, october 2011. i forced myself to spend the $13.00 on dumb things like central park zoo admission, and it helped a lot. i no longer feel sick at going to walmart and spending $50 on food, yarn, and similar items.

when i started this blog, i made a committment to myself that i would be honest, and not worry what others thought of me. that opens up a discussion of what is ‘tmi’ or not. usually finances are considered private, and shouldn’t be shared openly. there are merits in that, so i will not be sharing what is in the contents of my bank account …save my “move to my city” fund, which i think for the purposes of not only the blog, but records for this absent-minded individual, should be shared.

as a full-time cna, which i hope to be starting mid-august, beginning september, i hope to be making $1400/month, before taxes. i might be shooting a little low or high, considering the hours worked and rate made (illinois minimum wage currently $8.25. ny minimum wage is a full dollar less, however it is expected to be at least $12 in the city). to work as a cna in my area, i am going to need my license and a car, which will cut into my income but i should come out better than i do now after paying bills.

the money i have worked to save over the past eighteen months will soon be gone. subtracting my tuition payments, future car payments, and the $900 i committed to pay to help my dad and siblings come to illinois for a visit.

i am going to have to start all over.

but never fear. i will bet you anything i will be setting aside $300/month in no time, probably more. and will be getting nursing experience at the same time. this is good. my bank account may be empty in the near future, but i will be okay.

i hope.

smart cookie [notsoskinnygenes]

5 Responses to “financial stuff”

  1. 1 L

    Thanks for the shout out 🙂

  2. i’m like you, i tend to hoard money! i have had to learn to let go…losing everything was the way i had to learn…we are beginning to get on our feet again, so now i have to fight that same mindset daily, i refuse to go back to it…less i have to learn the hard way again!! i can’t wait to hear about when you move to your city!!

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