warning: future breakdowns ahead


we are children of divorce, victims of dysfunction. we spell-check of course, gps the proper junction. we’ve gotten pretty good at shifting all the blame […] they call us generation lost, or generation greed; the connected generation to a plasma screen – “generation love” by jennette mccurdy

we, the younger people of this world, are in a unique situation.

never before has there been more divorced parents than married. it takes a quick internet search to find that over 50% of children have divorced parents. in fact, some websites state that 50% of children born to married parents will see them divorce by the time they are eighteen.divorce decree

people have been divorcing since before the word became commonplace, but never at rates so high.

our world is pretty dysfunctional, and at no fault of my generation. it is not our fault the price of gas, of food, the economy in general. we are victims of it, in every sense of the world.

we are also the first generation to spend our childhood with technology. my dad brought in our first computer, a dos, in 1994-ish. i remember we were only allowed to play learning games on it, such as math blaster or math rescue. fun-2-3 was a favorite of mine. most children were not afforded such a rule, and grew up blasting enemy soldiers to smithereens on their computer screens.

it is my prediction that my generation will have a huge mental health breakdown. maybe not all at once because we’ve grown up differently, and many are so strong, but it will happen. sorry to be nancy-negative, but i don’t see how it’s not possible.

it’s a terrifying concept.

4 Responses to “warning: future breakdowns ahead”

  1. I agree with you to an extent. But the way I see it is that our parents grew up in an era that was much more evolved then their parents. And I’m sure their parents and peers worried about how they would grow up, with these “televisions” and how a lot of families began to have “cars” …. But at the same time I think that technology is awful, it causes so many problems like cyber bullying. But I don’t really see the point in worrying about it, because there is absolutely nothing to do about it.

  2. sadly it is likely it will get much worse for sure.

  3. I agree with you and I’ve already witnessed quite a few mental-health breakdowns happening to people my age, including my own… It seems like life is a constant struggle for many. Fortunately, I also feel like we have more tools today to get better and healthier- therapy is commonplace, there will always be someone on the internet experiencing the same problems and we’re allowed to admit it when it happens. I think pas generations also had mental breakdowns but no-one was talking about it.

  4. It’s a good thought about today’s generation having different but definite challenges than those say of even the 60’s and 70’s…I’m from a generation earlier the 50’s growing up and while we definitely had issues…the electronic gadgetry in every home and office and even the Iphones etc. when one is in between…It’s almost invasive….Diane

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