525,600 minutes


in daylights, in sunsets
in midnights, in cups of coffee
in inches, in miles
in laughter, in strife
in five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
how do you measure, a year in the life?

rent the musical

my dad once came up with an excellent answer of why time passes by so much quicker for adults than for children. children think of things in terms of minutes, such as ten minutes until the mail comes, fifteen minutes until school is out. college students think in terms of months, like one month until my bill is due, three semesters until i am done with school. adults think in terms of decades, such as thirty years until my mortgage is paid, forty years until i can retire.

all of us are allowed a certain amount of minutes. we don’t know how many, and it is something we ourselves won’t be able to tell, because it is something that can only be figured out once there is a death certificate in someone else’s hands. when we take our first breaths, we subscribe to a life of minutes.

there are 525,600 of them a year. most of them, we squander sleeping, or watching television. another great portion, we spend being bored, or complaining. we spend an unbelievable amount of them fighting and arguing, over dumb things like who holds the remote.

stop. you don’t know if you have tomorrow. you don’t know if you have tonight. you can’t go back into the past, and you might not have a future. only one thing is certain; now. you have this moment, the person in the room with you. you only have now.

make the most of it.


6 Responses to “525,600 minutes”

  1. you wouldn’t believe how much this message has turned up everywhere for me today. i think someone is trying to tell me something.
    thank you so much for writing this, it is so good…and i hope others will take it to heart too!

  2. I used to be able to play that song on the piano and sing along 😛

  3. Great post!

  4. Simply stated and so true, I really enjoyed this post 🙂

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