there are things i want, things i will never own.

i watch friends get their own homes, and begin decorating. i watch them buy beautiful things liberally, in a way i cannot. not because i cannot afford it, but because my future lifestle cannot support it.alice in wonderland shelf

i might like a pretty vanity, with large drawers to store my makeup, but living in a small new york apartment is not going to make that practical. a studio will barely have the room for a futon, and perhaps a bookcase. combined with the fact that i will initially, and for the long-term have roommates, i just don’t need all these things.

there are many options, of course. i can have that house, if i go the way of queens. i could rent a three-bedroom with roommates. i could rent a studio by myself, or with another. it all comes down to how i would be happier, and what i would be able to realistically afford.

that alice in wonderland teacup bookshelf just isn’t in the …ah, cards.



2 Responses to “sacrifice”

  1. i hear you with those kinds of choices but at least you are going after your dreams, how many can say they have the courage to do that?!

  2. Psst!! Hey….I nominated you for the LIving Passionately award. come by and see my post for details….

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