to-do list; june


1) get permit; get 20 hours of driving time
2) get immunizations
3) finish math book

completed my may to-do list save for the math book. while composing this, i thought of many excuses why, and many of them are valid, however those are just excuses. the real reason is that i hate math, and didn’t invest too much time in it.

i didn’t need immunizations, but i did have to go to the clinic four times to complete the tb test. the needle injection barely hurt, but the guy giving it to me really stressed that it would hurt, and how he would rather get his blood drawn anyday. what a squeamish muggle.

image i got my permit! i was a little nervous about taking the written test, but passed. you are allowed to get seven wrong, but i only confused one. i drove ten miles home in my aunt’s suv!

this month is focused on school. i start cna classes on the 4th, and will finish the math book. i will continue to drive, and complete camp nanowrimo. my family is coming up from florida at the end of the month, so i’ve got enough on my plate to worry about.

overloading yourself creates failure.

speaking of failure, i haven’t been blogging of late. my aunt pointed out that some of my old habits (sloppiness, carelessness, etc) were coming back over the past two months – the only thing i think i’ve done differently is blog. i wanted to give it a rest, and see what happened. also it seems wp made some changes that affects the reader on my phone negatively – i promise to catch up on your blog asap!


4 Responses to “to-do list; june”

  1. YAY….. first pic of you! great to put a name to a face πŸ˜€ congrats on the driving permit…. I’ve had mine over a year now and going to get my full licence some time over summer πŸ™‚

  2. way to go!

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