101 things that make me happy


part one

1) skittles
2) a sunny day
3) clean pajamas
4) writing a letter
5) a long bath image
6) a sad movie ( quote: “sad is happy for deep people”)
7) any disney animated classic
8) finishing a knitting project
9) when prose comes out of my fingertips
10) wearing scarves
11) noticing i got a bit of sun
12) the new york skyline
13) music
14) a milkshake
15) knowing some of the most successful people in the world are not perfect, like me
16) dancing underneath streetlights
17) clean sheets20120511-213007.jpg
18) open windows
19) harry potter audio books
20) buying gifts
21) wrapping gifts
22) giving gifts
23) a cup of coffee
24) writing in a coffee shop
25) getting intentionally lost in central park
26) dr pepper
27) the sounds of manhattan
28) flannel shirts
29) plot bunnies
30) the smell of freshly cut grass
31) broadway
32) airports (any but iah, that is)
33) first heavy snow image
34) all-nighters
35) ducks


2 Responses to “101 things that make me happy”

  1. Love how number one is Skittles :p

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