101 things that make me happy


part two

36) a great conversation with f
37) holding babies
38) a stress-free night at work
39) finding a steal on ebay
40) getting comments on my youtube videos
41) getting mail
42) red
43) sundresses
44) willy wonka and the chocolate factoryimage
45) hugs
46) skyscrapers
47) ballet
48) cupcakes
49) vintage books
50) feeling accomplished
51) oatmeal
52) fanfiction
53) curls
54) poetry
55) falling asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow
56) being complimentedimage
57) december
58) blue police boxes
59) cheesy sitcoms
60) journaling
61) my cats
62) my dogs
63) egg nogimage

64) greeting cards
65) chirping birds


6 Responses to “101 things that make me happy”

  1. Love the older version of willy wonka!

  2. so many things to bring a smile or a good thought! Diane

  3. Well it’s official. You are a rockstar. You have to be. Only a rockstar would have the awesome awareness to include oatmeal, cupcakes AND willy wonka. I. Like. It. 😉

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