too many people say, “if i had this, i could die happy”. “if i met justin beiber, i would die happy”. “if i could just spend a day in europe, i would die happy”. 20120512-195126.jpg

too many people confuse the meanings of “happy” and “joyful”, i think. as someone who has lived with depression, i think it is easier for me to separate the two. i wish more people understood the differences, because i think it would bring our world a lot more, well …joy.

i used to tell my dad that if i had a husband who loved me, pen and paper, and a cardboard box to live in, i would be content. content, with joy in my heart. i wouldn’t need anything else. i would be happy if i had my wants, such as a warm apartment, food in my belly, but they aren’t necessary. they would make me happy, but without them i would already have joy.

joy is in you. it is a perspective, a mindset, an outlook, a way of looking at things. it is a choice, a decision. it is everything stripped away. it is the key to being content, to being fulfilled. happiness is temporary; joy is forever.

and on the subject of needs and wants, i have an excellent quote from the renowned philosopher, jagger;



6 Responses to “content”

  1. You’re right as one who has also experienced depression…being happy with who you are as a person is first and fore-most the way to achieve the joy you seek…Wants and needs are definitely totally separate entities ..Diane..

  2. how wise and how true is that!

  3. Awesome post! You are absolutely right. 🙂

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