lost: my wallet, my mind, etc.


i lose everything. my wallet, my keys, my phone, that bill i was meaning to pay …i am ADD, and that is when i really notice it. there is nothing more stupid than for me to walk out the door without pockets or a purse, holding my belongings. i will get distracted, and i will set them down somewhere. that is something i need to work on, because in my future i won’t be as lucky as i am now to find my missing phone in old navy.

i remember once, waiting in the rush ticket line for “how to succeed in business without really trying”, i stood in front of a girl. she had been in toys r’ us in times square the night before, in the bathroom. she had sat her iphone down on the counter to wash her hands, and someone took off with it. :-O

making sure i always have pockets or a cross-body purse is the best thing i can do to prevent losing things. becoming more organised is something i really need to work on also. it might not help, since my losing things is clearly ADD-induced, but it certainly won’t hurt when i am trying to find where i set my keys…

do you compulsively lose things, or is it just me?


12 Responses to “lost: my wallet, my mind, etc.”

  1. I have twice – thrice ?? set my purse down in a department store to look at something and check the price and walked off and left it…I must have a guardian angel who helps me, because after a few minutes and realizing what I’d done I went back and there it was. Of course at home I can’t keep my mind on something from the front to the back of the house…”what did I come back here for”? Oh well…it’ll come eventually….. Diane

  2. p.s. oh and then there is the constant battle with…”where on earth did I park the car”??? lol Diane

    • I choose to not think about that. I am about to get my first car, and just know I’m going to lose it.

  3. i don’t compulsively lose things but i do hear about a lot of people that do.
    i compulsively forget everything…i would forget my ahhh..my…mem…memory….if i could…

    • Haha, that’s funny. Do you remember faces but no names?

      • yes!!! most of my friends have nick names i’ve given them as a result! them i can remember..go figure?? i have been known to rename someone…LOL like if their name is Dave and they look like a Sam…i will call them Sam…strangely people don’t seem bothered by this?

  4. I don’t actually lose things, they just go on vacation periodically and don’t tell me…like my cell phone for 2 days…sigh.

  5. YES…. but more then that is I constantly BREAK things… like, AAAAALL the time 😛

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