darling, we are everything


in an earlier post, i mentioned angel, and how we should all strive to be like her. there is another part of her that i only barely touched on, but it’s important nonetheless.

that other part is named collins.

angel and collins met randomly, and despite being broke, the fact that their worlds were in shambles, the fact that they were dying, they fell in love. it is such a simple love, without frills. they have the love i talk about, what i think of as cardboard box-love. they would be happy together living in a cardboard box, as long as they were together. they know the differences between joy and happiness, the merits of being content, of just satisfied.

it is such an inspiring love, a way of life i wish everyone could appreciate.

if we all loved like angel and collins, we could change the world.



4 Responses to “darling, we are everything”

  1. 1 L

    Love Rent! My sister has a poster signed by the Original Broadway Cast from 1998!

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