you’re just as sane as i am


every so often, i point out a character or person who displays qualities i would like to emulate.image

luna lovegood is a prime example.

luna first emerged in the fifth harry potter book, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. luna wears radish earrings, shoes to bed because she sleepwalks, and constantly talks about things that are obviously not there.

the key to luna is that she has that unbelievably rare quality of actually not giving a damn what anyone else thinks of her. now, if we as adults say honestly how many people we’ve known like that i think very many of us would say uh none! and luna’s like that. she doesn’t actually care. she’s so comfortable with being different. she’s fearless. – j.k. rowling

people treat luna bad, calling her “looney lovegood”, but luna ignores them. in fact, she seems oblivious of their comments. she is genuinely happy, content, whimsical, dreamy. but she is not just that. when her friends are in danger, she works to protect them. she is intelligent, and loyal. she isn’t hailed as a hero as the main characters are, but she is one in my book.

i aspire to be like luna lovegood, more than any other literary character.

and that is saying something.



3 Responses to “you’re just as sane as i am”

  1. Luna is one of my favourite characters. I love all that she is. Totally agree with you.

  2. oh to live fearless and confident!

  3. Most people really do care what others think of them but as we get older or maybe just wiser we realize we don’t need others’ approval as much as once we did….Diane

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