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jennette mccurdy parents divorced

jennette mccurdy is successful in a way so many young women dream of being. she has had guest-starring roles on hit television shows, a lead in the popular children’s show icarly, and just released her self-titled album in january of 2012.

but i’m not jealous, and my lack of jealousy isn’t only because of her mother’s battle with breast cancer. it’s because i read the liner notes of her album.

mama, thank you for singing james brown in blockbuster when that employee was staring, mouth gaped open, for at least ten minutes[…] marcus, dustin, and scottie – thank you for being the best big brothers anyone could have[…] elizabeth – my sister-in-law! thank you for treating me like a sister […] grandma and grandpa – thanks for driving buicks. you guys are singlehandedly keeping that company in business[…]

absolutely no mention of a father.

it is assumed by many that jennette’s parents are divorced (as she once mentioned being a child, and living with her mom and dad, brothers, and grandparents). regardless, it is obvious that he is not in her life. speaking as someone who is estranged from a parent, i have to wonder why. it takes a lot of strength, of motivation, to cut off all contact with a parent. even if said parent is in prison and addicted to heroin, i can’t imagine acting as if he never existed at all.

jennette’s reasons are private, and i respect that. it is just oddly comforting to know that you’re not alone, and that people with seemingly picture-perfect lives have the same problems you do.

8 Responses to “liner notes”

  1. You’re one knows what maybe another person is/has dealt with in their lives…Diane

  2. So, so true. One of my mom’s favorite sayings is “the grass always looks greener on the other side”. You never know what’s going on inside or has been endured by others with picture-perfect lives.

  3. very true πŸ™‚

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