dancing through life


dancing through life
skimming the surface
gliding where turf is smooth
life’s more painless
for the brainless
why think too hard
when it’s so soothing?

i haven’t been posting lately. i have been busy with school. i have been spending quality time with family. i have been enjoying life.

20120630-150314.jpg we finished three weeks of lecture, and then did five days of clinical at a nursing home. the schedule, four nights a week for five hours, was exhausting, but i loved it. i found that i really am suited for nursing, and in fact i have plans to start the rn program in spring. the school really stressed hippa guidelines (doctor/patient confidentiality), so i’m not sure i can share many stories, but i’ll look into it, because there are so many things i would love to share with other cna students i wish i had known before.

i am one of six children. as i think i have shared before, i am the second oldest. i left fl on july 31st, 2010, and hadn’t had the chance to see my four youngest siblings since then. they have been visiting for nearly two weeks now, and we’ve been having fun tearing up the town. the younger two i have taken more photos of, simply because they enjoy having their pictures taken more.

seesawing at sundown

enjoying free popcorn, fridays at the bank.

rock angels?

stopping where they said no stopping.

i have been stressing over having zero free time, my boss calling me ten times a day, clinicals, siblings home, etc. i have to keep reminding myself that it’s just life, and to keep dancing through.

3 Responses to “dancing through life”

  1. i’m so glad you got to spend time with your family!

  2. Good that you got some time off finally and had fun!….Diane

  3. So nice that you got some family time. 🙂

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