dear f


f is my best friend. f has a very low self-esteem. if she could take her eyes off her perceived flaws for one moment, she could see how much freaking potential she has. there are all sorts of things i want to tell her, to remind her of, to let her know, to inspire her. what better way than to do it here, so that the rest of us can be inspired too?

f, this is for you.






5 Responses to “dear f”

  1. I love this. F sounds like a rockstar. 🙂 And so are you for saying it!

  2. i love it!

  3. Nice thing to do for a friend….Diane

  4. Love the first picture!

  5. 5 f

    i love you so much, this made me tear up. i showed it to my mom too. i hope that’s okay, i just couldn’t believe it. this is amazing. thank you.

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