viva la vie boheme


sometimes, i wonder how at all i turned out like i did. my dad is a physicist with aspergers syndrome, and my mom is absorbed in keeping up with the joneses and appearances. 20120714-214058.jpg

enter me, who wears off-beat clothing, has wildly different opinions on some political/religious things, and who surrounds herself in culture. my parents did everything they could do discourage it, but maybe that only encouraged it.

i get that they worry. the fact of the matter is is that i might be rather poor living in new york. i’m going to have friends they don’t approve of, and dress in clothes they don’t think matches. and maybe mom is right; maybe i do this as a manic thing.

they aren’t going to understand why i’m happy, either. and i won’t be able to explain. but hopefully they will come to see that as long as i am, that’s what matters.

5 Responses to “viva la vie boheme”

  1. yep can’t live to make others happy!

  2. Perfect. That’s it exactly.

  3. Run your life your way, kiddo, you are the only opinion that matters. 🙂

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