20 before 21


i think most bloggers have seen this idea around, and think it’s a great one. there is nothing like a push, a plunge, accountability, published records of dreams. i kept mine realistic, even, of small changes to make a big difference in the course of a year.

1) submit manuscript to agents
2) start saving for retirement
3) go out on one date
4) get drivers license
5) start nursing school
6) learn to sew
7) finish fanfiction novel
8) talk to j, e, and f at least once a week
9) read 30 books
10) start deliberately exercising
11) eat one green thing a day – jolly ranchers don’t count
12) get a wardrobe i actually like
13) make dinner often
14) get a new job
15) learn how to knit in the round
16) watch all the star wars movies
17) write inspirational people
18) have $10,000 put away
19) be proficient in math
20) start a garden



2 Responses to “20 before 21”

  1. I love these lists! Mine always seem to change a bit during the year but I love them.

    xo Trish

    • oi, i meant to link you as an inspiration! so many people make this list, but you are one of the few to actually attempt to scratch something off!

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