what i wore today; blue shoes


several months ago, i blogged on the blue shoes my mother gave me for christmas.


well, i finally wore them. i didn’t claim a ten-year-old dressed me, or that i was color-blinded. i owned my bright shoes.

and spilled a bit of coffee on them.

i did it. first tank tops, now blue shoes. what else will i have the courage to pull off in the future? who knows. i am being reminded of this song, too often attributed as a children’s song when i think it works best for teens and college-aged people.

little by little
i’m changing, i’m growing
little by little
i hope that it’s showing
i’m not who i’ll be,
i’m not who i was,
i’m somewhere in the middle
but god is changing me little by little



4 Responses to “what i wore today; blue shoes”

  1. Be who ‘ye be’ and like who ‘you are’…Diane

  2. rock it girl!!

  3. Wait till you hit 50…you’ll crave and wear RED shoes! 🙂

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