very inspiring blog award



halfway between the gutter and the stars is one of my favorite blogs to read. it is inspirational to me to read the blog of someone who is trying to recover, and who is actually honest about it. if you consider tourself reasonably unaffected by triggers, i think you should stop by.

they nominated me for the very inspiring blog award! in case you are new to this, being nominated is winning – they picked me to win. they deemed my blog ‘very inspiring’. i am flattered – thank you so much!

the “rules” are fairly straightforward.

thank the blogger who nominated you.
share seven things about yourself.
nominate other bloggers you think deserve the award, and post on their blog to let them know they’ve been nominated.

1) i am more clumsy than the average person. i have to have cups with lids, or i will spill. i have missed my chair sitting down too many times to count. i slip and fall regularly. this isn’t one of those generic “i am clumsy” teenage girl faults – people hear a loud noise, and look for me because they are sure sure i dropped something, or fell and got hurt. i am trying to learn how to take the reactions with grace.

2) naturally, i am a night-owl. i am more awake at 3am than i am at 11am.

3) i am becoming a bit of a health nut, and that scares me. i think i can too easily fall into the traps of an eating disorder, so i compensate by eating poptarts and dr pepper.

4) i have been to texas twice, and each time i got sicker than i ever have been before. conclusion; the state hates me.
5) i absolutely adore classic disney. i will sit down and watch “the jungle book” with you any time you ask. i know almost every word to almost every song.

6) college is calling my name! i start in january of 2013.

7) everyone who reads this blog is one of my favorite people, ever.


unafraid, confident, passionate, and unafraid to be me. when i think ‘inspiring’, these generally do the trick.


3 Responses to “very inspiring blog award”

  1. congrats! “Look for the bear necessities the simple bear necessities, forget about your worries and your strife, i mean the bear necessities all mother natures recipes, the simple bear necessities of life… 😉

  2. Congratulations…and I guess you’re looking forward to school..Diane

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