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i want to simplify my life. i want to drink my coffee black. i want to have a pair of shoes that goes with everything. i want a haircut that is wash and go. our society has become too full of stress. it has been too busy, people rushing to get nowhere. i want to […]

halfway between the gutter and the stars is one of my favorite blogs to read. it is inspirational to me to read the blog of someone who is trying to recover, and who is actually honest about it. if you consider tourself reasonably unaffected by triggers, i think you should stop by. they nominated me […]

fear to stand


you are in the break room, and you hear people whispering about billy the fugitive. they whisper aout how mean he is, how dangerous, and all you can think about is softball. how he helped you ride a bike. how funny he was when he wasn’t pulling your hair. billy is your brother, and despite […]



it’s only fifteen minutes. i have a new mantra. what do you do during your day? work, school, and sleep take up so much of mine. busy parents have to make dinner, run kids to soccer practice, put them in the bath, and to bed, there seems to be no time to breathe, and many […]

20 before 21


i think most bloggers have seen this idea around, and think it’s a great one. there is nothing like a push, a plunge, accountability, published records of dreams. i kept mine realistic, even, of small changes to make a big difference in the course of a year. 1) submit manuscript to agents 2) start saving […]

one of my biggest anxieties is ‘what will people think of me?’ this anxiety has kept me from doing so much, from enjoying myself, beause i have this worry. it was drilled into me at a young age that appearance was everything. every sunday, my mom would groom us to look like we were this […]

i haven’t worn a tank top in years. that must seem pretty weird to you, coming from a girl raised in florida. but maybe not so weird once you know the whole story. when i was seven, my family converted to mennonite, where tank tops were most certainly not allowed, and everything had to be […]