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i want to simplify my life. i want to drink my coffee black. i want to have a pair of shoes that goes with everything. i want a haircut that is wash and go. our society has become too full of stress. it has been too busy, people rushing to get nowhere. i want to […]

the real me


who i want to be: who i really am: it’s a process. i need to be okay to be me, even if me is a little dorky, flighty, and a little lazy. it doesn’t mean that i can’t work on improving my faults, though. someday, i want to look around and say, i am exactly […]



“a dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.” – sean hampton

several months ago, i blogged on the blue shoes my mother gave me for christmas. well, i finally wore them. i didn’t claim a ten-year-old dressed me, or that i was color-blinded. i owned my bright shoes. and spilled a bit of coffee on them. i did it. first tank tops, now blue shoes. what […]

in the moment


going on vacation next week. going shopping tomorrow. company coming saturday. too often, we find ourselves looking forward to something. nothing is wrong with expectation, but when we look too much into the future, we forget to live in the moment. in the moment. right now, there might be someone in the room with you, […]

every so often, i point out a character or person who displays qualities i would like to emulate. luna lovegood is a prime example. luna first emerged in the fifth harry potter book, harry potter and the order of the phoenix. luna wears radish earrings, shoes to bed because she sleepwalks, and constantly talks about […]



skies are crying i am watching catching teardrops in my hands only silence as it’s ending, like we never had a chance do you have to, make me feel like there is nothing left of me? you can take everything i have you can break everything i am like i’m made of glass like i’m […]