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“a dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.” – sean hampton Advertisements

i was struck by how fast people walked in manhattan. women in suits and heels, walking so fast you could have sworn they were running. mothers with baby strollers, hurrying to mcdonalds without bothering to say “pardon” or “excuse me”. the one time i felt like a tourist in my city, the one time i […]

sometimes, i wonder how at all i turned out like i did. my dad is a physicist with aspergers syndrome, and my mom is absorbed in keeping up with the joneses and appearances. enter me, who wears off-beat clothing, has wildly different opinions on some political/religious things, and who surrounds herself in culture. my parents […]



there are things i want, things i will never own. i watch friends get their own homes, and begin decorating. i watch them buy beautiful things liberally, in a way i cannot. not because i cannot afford it, but because my future lifestle cannot support it. i might like a pretty vanity, with large drawers […]

financial stuff


i have always been the thrifty one. i used to hoard money like cockatoos hoard shiny stuff. i do not remember often spending it, interestingly enough. over the years, i have become better at spending it. i actually had to hone this skill. i think i got better at it during my first trip to […]

not a tourist


the first time i went to my city, i was nineteen. i went to visit my dear friend, e, who goes to school in the basement of the empire state building. i stayed with her in her midtown manhattan apartment, and while she was in class, roamed the city on my own (which i wasn’t […]

born this way


“there’s something about new york and just being real – – very real. new york is what it is. i think the stereotype is, they’re not going to bullshit you … i guess that’s the stereotype of the average new yorker who will give it to you straight. when I first came to new york, […]