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for years, my mom drilled into me that i was a lesser person because, she said, i had bipolar disorder. for years, i rebelled against that. i only had violent tantrums when she provoked me. my mood swings were not that dramatic, and weren’t unusual for a girl my age, especially not for a girl […]



in summer of 2010, i moved to illinois. the situation at home had become unbearable. i had started to self-harm, and was on a steep sliding roll down. the cutting was not what had finally prompted my dad to arrange my moving in with my aunt; he just wanted her to ‘fix’ me. at least […]

since i was small, i enjoyed escaping my reality via my imagination. like most children, i enjoyed playing ‘house’. i remember being able to open two closet doors so that they resembled double doors, and walking through them in my mom’s shoes, fancying myself as “cinderella”. that was normal, something any kid would do. but […]

“i love you. i just don’t like you.” those are words i heard growing up probably more than just ‘i love you’. i am willing to take the bet it is something of a 10.4 ratio. talk about a left-handed compliment. i don’t remember when my mom first said it, but it became commonplace once […]

“i like your christ, i do not like your christians. your christians are so unlike your Christ.” ― mahatma ghandi i have epiphanies. things other people realized long ago, it takes me forever to catch onto. when i do, i usually share them with everyone (“did you know the reason it is called i-90 is […]

what constitutes as abuse? these days that is kind of a touchy topic. to me, abuse is defined my control and intent. if a woman is spanking her kids with a hanger, and the hanger breaks, that is not necessarily a bad thing. but what if the woman is screaming while she spanks said child, […]