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we did a very sobering exercise in my cna class today that i think everyone should do. however, it could be triggering emotionally for some people, so please do not participate if you are feeling emotionally unstable, or aren’t ready to shed a few tears. take a sheet of paper, and tear it into ten […]



one of the big things on my to-do list is apply for the cna program at a nearby college. as a cna, i will have a job that is very difficult, but i am weird and think i will love it (no, poop doesn’t gross me out). well, people; i did it. i freaking did […]

when parents decide to home-school their children, they take on more than they usually realize they do. one of these things they are supposed to take on is a high school transcript. people need those to get into college. you cannot not have one. normally they are not a huge deal. if a child goes […]