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have you ever seen a boy with funny clothes? a girl with braces on her teeth, or freckles on her nose? some kids call them “odd balls”, some kids call them “weird” […] god makes lots of people in all colors, shapes and sizes. he loves them very much and what we need to realize […]



forget regret. happiness isn’t manic. i’m not crazy. forget regret. happiness isn’t manic. i’m not crazy. most of us have personal mantras we repeat to ourselves. sure, most of them were not bestowed upon us by ghandi, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant or important. sometimes, i write these words on my wrists […]

liner notes


jennette mccurdy is successful in a way so many young women dream of being. she has had guest-starring roles on hit television shows, a lead in the popular children’s show icarly, and just released her self-titled album in january of 2012. but i’m not jealous, and my lack of jealousy isn’t only because of her […]

one lovely blog


i was nominated for another award – twice – and did not see it until now. oh, how not having internet can change life so drastically. thank you you to diane and cecile for the nominations. you both have lovely blogs, and i am honored! -share who gave it to you with a link back […]

sunshine award!


pride in madness nominated me for the sunshine award! thank you so much – i am never nominated for anything! this award is for the amazing bloggers that contribute to the community their positive and/or inspirational postings! we love you for it! the rules for the sunshine award are: 1. thank the person who nominated […]

i lose everything. my wallet, my keys, my phone, that bill i was meaning to pay …i am ADD, and that is when i really notice it. there is nothing more stupid than for me to walk out the door without pockets or a purse, holding my belongings. i will get distracted, and i will […]

part one 1) skittles 2) a sunny day 3) clean pajamas 4) writing a letter 5) a long bath 6) a sad movie ( quote: “sad is happy for deep people”) 7) any disney animated classic 8) finishing a knitting project 9) when prose comes out of my fingertips 10) wearing scarves 11) noticing i […]