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“a dream without ambition is like a car without gas… you’re not going anywhere.” – sean hampton Advertisements

we did a very sobering exercise in my cna class today that i think everyone should do. however, it could be triggering emotionally for some people, so please do not participate if you are feeling emotionally unstable, or aren’t ready to shed a few tears. take a sheet of paper, and tear it into ten […]

20 before 21


i think most bloggers have seen this idea around, and think it’s a great one. there is nothing like a push, a plunge, accountability, published records of dreams. i kept mine realistic, even, of small changes to make a big difference in the course of a year. 1) submit manuscript to agents 2) start saving […]

the bucket list


what is on your bucket list? i have never understood the importance of a bucket list. a bucket list is a list of things to do before you die, before you ‘kick the bucket’. maybe it is because i am young and see the world laid about before me, but i just don’t feel the […]

since i was small, i enjoyed escaping my reality via my imagination. like most children, i enjoyed playing ‘house’. i remember being able to open two closet doors so that they resembled double doors, and walking through them in my mom’s shoes, fancying myself as “cinderella”. that was normal, something any kid would do. but […]