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i want to simplify my life. i want to drink my coffee black. i want to have a pair of shoes that goes with everything. i want a haircut that is wash and go. our society has become too full of stress. it has been too busy, people rushing to get nowhere. i want to […]

i never had anyone to teach me how to cook. sure, i can bake just about anything, and make a mean macoroni and cheese. at nineteen, i can cook most pastas, and things with ground beef, but everything else was just out of my reach. then i discovered the blog, college girls can’t cook. the […]

e and i were walking near madison square park, discussing hopes, dreams, desires, our futures. in a moment of ditziness, e said “my dad says ‘the world is your omelette‘.” “omelette?” i laughed. “don’t you mean ‘oyster’?” e laughed, and admitted her mistake, but as we walked on, i gave it some thought. why is […]