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liner notes


jennette mccurdy is successful in a way so many young women dream of being. she has had guest-starring roles on hit television shows, a lead in the popular children’s show icarly, and just released her self-titled album in january of 2012. but i’m not jealous, and my lack of jealousy isn’t only because of her […]



skies are crying i am watching catching teardrops in my hands only silence as it’s ending, like we never had a chance do you have to, make me feel like there is nothing left of me? you can take everything i have you can break everything i am like i’m made of glass like i’m […]

out there


safe behind these windows and these parapets of stone gazing at the people down below me all my life i watch them as i hide up here alone hungry for the histories they show me all my life i memorize their faces knowing them as they will never know me all my life i wonder […]

there were days, self-locked up in my room for days on end, i used to have these same thoughts. when will my life begin? when will i be a real person?

who says


i wouldn’t wanna be anybody else you made me insecure, told me i wasn’t good enough but who are you to judge when you’re a diamond in the rough i’m sure you got some things you’d like to change about yourself but when it comes to me, i wouldn’t wanna be anybody else i’m no […]