things i love

::hyperbole and a half:: i have been kicked out of public places for laughing too loudly. and by then, i had laughed so long and hard, the endorphins had kicked in, so i didn’t give a flip.

::the alzheimer’s project:: we watched this documentary in my cna class; i believe every adult should watch it. it is more enlightening than educational, more interesting than entertaining,

::j.k. rowling:: the woman is queen. her, and julie andrews. that is all.

::mara wilson writes stuff:: that little girl from matilda? yeah, she’s a writer of sorts now, and more entertaining now than she was then.

::nanowrimo:: because it is an interesting social experiment, getting several million creative people together, and waiting to see what happens.

::to write love on her arms::

::starkid:: “starkid potter, moonshoes potter,” in which draco malfoy rolls on the floor, and darren criss has cool hair. i feel the need to say that i was a starkid before blaine, before it was cool.

::village voice:: because it is far more interesting and relevant than the ny times

::yarn harlot:: oh, right. stephanie pearl-mcphee is queen too. the queen of knitting. greg kinnear said so.

::yoko ono:: i think she is amazing.


7 Responses to “things i love”

  1. You and I have so much in common 😀 JK ROWLING & HARRY POTTER…. aaaaawh yeah!

    • Haha! Harry Potter is basically what my life revolves around! I’m not obsessed …just passionate lol.

  2. Yeah I’m the exact same! 😛 😀 woo high five x

  3. You’re the first person I’ve come across to mention Hyperbole and a Half! I LOVE it! Since her work takes time, she doesn’t post often. But I find I can reread posts and STILL getting the endorphin rush because I laugh so hard. She’s priceless! I’ve also been know to laugh out loud when looking at funny greeting cards…kind of freaks the staff out. 😉

    • haha, i know. i still have yet to read all her entries. i am kind of rationing them out so i don’t run out!

  4. That should have been…STILL get…not getting. oops.

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